Smack It!


სამაგიდო თამაში Smack It!

  • მოთამაშეები: 2-7
  • თამაშის დრო (წთ): 15
  • მინ. ასაკი: 6

დარჩენილია 2 ცალი

სამაგიდო თამაში Smack It!

A combination of War and Slapjack. Players place cards on the table, then duke it our War-style when a challenge card comes up, or try to slap the pile when a Smack It card comes up. Whoever has the highest card for a challenge, or is the first to slap the pile on a Smack It, gets the pile. Players who run out of cards are out of the game. As a twist, eliminated players may slap card piles to remove cards from play completely.

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